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Business Cards

Illustration - 2019

This design was created for my business cards in 2019. They were illustrated using Indian ink then digitally coloured. I used symbols to represent my different interests, nature and the world around us. Including a snake which is my Chinese zodiac sign and also one of my favourite animals. I have a soft spot in my heart for creatures who are other people's phobias, all they are doing is just living their lives and the patterning and colours of a snake can be quite beautiful. It also features a house, architectural illustrations are a reoccurring theme throughout my work and can symbolise many different things to me. I like how different styles, sizes and colours of houses can evoke different emotional responses and what they say about the person that created them or lives there now.


A5 prints are now available in my shop 

Business Cards_2019_web.jpg


process video

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