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Adobe Suite

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Print Design

Editorial, Advertising, Catalogues, Packaging, Signage, Branding

Digital Design

E-commerce Design and Management, Social media, Product Photography, Infographics


Traditional and Digitial, Editorial, Portraiture

Basic Skills

Video Editing, Animation, Motion Design (After Effects)

Illustrator + Designer

I'm a freelance illustrator and designer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. I have over 7 years of experience and have worked in New Zealand and Australia, in design studios, inhouse environments and freelance. See my skills below or download my CV for a more detailed look at my work history.

My illustration style is inspired by nature. I like switching between digital and traditional mediums with my work. I have always been interested in art history, the uses of symbolism and iconography which features heavily in my work. For example, I'm featuring a lot of tigers in my work because they are powerful and beautiful but also fragile due to their limited numbers and their beautiful stripes that look like organic forms.


I’m currently available for design projects and illustration commissions. To see what I can do have a look at my portfolio.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at

My favourite things



Graphic Novels



True Crime Podcasts

Road Trips

Contact me

email me at
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some of My favourite projects

illustrated Wooden Pins

These Illustrated wooden pins were created in 2019 for my online store. 

This is one of my favourite projects for three reasons:

  • I was really happy with how it turned out

  • The project was environmentally friendly

  • This was my first Kickstarter and it was a huge learning curve but was really successful and got backers from all over the world

To learn more about this project click here

dan madill - CD Cover

This design created in 2013 for Daniel Madill's album artwork and was also used for promotional material. 

This is one of my favourite projects because I really enjoyed incorporating different styles of modern typefaces and traditional etching styles.

To learn more about this project click here

Daniel Madill Art print_web_2020.jpg
Mock up bird in frame_web.jpg
trapped print series

This illustration series was created in 2018 for my online store. This print series is about getting stuck in your life because you’re comfortable and you tell yourself that everything is ok, but it isn’t really what you wanted. So you outgrow your surroundings but end up stuck. This one of my biggest fears. You only get one life so live it!

To learn more about this project click here

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