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Daniel Madill cd cover

Illustraiton & Package Design - 2013
Daniel Madill Art print_web_2020.jpg

Daniel Madill is an electronic-folk musician. I created an illustrated album cover packaging to reflect his general music style as well as the meaning behind the title.


Submariner’s Dilemma refers to how active sonar enables you to detect other vessels but, in turn, makes you more likely to be detected yourself. I wanted to show in the design the power of the sea and the vulnerability of the submarine, but I also balance this with the lighthouse, so not all hope is lost. I researched old maritime etchings which influenced the style of my illustration.


This illustration was created using pencil and digital colouring. I chose a bold and solid font make it stand out from the illustration while also adding the texture so it blended in the rest of the artwork. This design was also repurposed for gig posters and art prints.

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