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Dust & Dandelions

Illustraiton + Product Design - 2012 to present

Dust & Dandelions is a brand I created in late 2012, featuring prints, stationery and more. The target market of this brand is females 20+.

Dust & Dandelions’ designs are mainly centred on nature and are reminiscent of older styles of drawing but I also use modern techniques such as laser-cutting and digital illustration. Dust & Dandelions’ products are sold in national and international retail outlets, as well as on my own online store and social media channels.

Having my own business taught me many skills including:

  • Time management and self-motivation

  • Dealing with customers, suppliers and retailers

  • Social media and marketing

  • e-commerce management and design

  • Product development

  • Thinking about design as well as profitability

Just Some of the products I have created:
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