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Illustraiton - 2018 + 2019

What is Inktober? you might be asking. It's a yearly drawing challenge where you are given a list of things to illustrate for each day of the month or you can do it as many as you feel like. Here is just a selection of the ones I have done in the last two years.


Web_Inktober - Ghost Camera.jpg
Ghost Camera
Web_Inktober - Big Foot.jpg
Big Foot


Space Jam - web.JPG
Space Jam
Space Jam - Tea Super Nova - web.JPG
Super Nova Tea
Space Jam - Drink - web.JPG
Bubble Space Tea
Space Jam - Donut - web.JPG
Space Jam Donut
Space Jam - Meteor - web.JPG
Space Jam - Toffee Apple - web.JPG
Toffee Apple
Space Jam -Print - Web.JPG
Space Jam Art Print
Available as a notebook or print
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