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This cute Tomtit/miromiro/ngirungiru New Zealand Native Bird print is one of my favourites. I think it may be the cutest New Zealand Native bird. When I was designing this series I wanted to try and draw some lesser-known natives. The background features native bush and if you look closely you will see a small campfire.


Each print in the series has a different pastel background they look great on their own or in a group of three. The original was painted using ink and then it was digitally coloured.


Printed on high-quality Archival Matt paper using giclee printing. This printing method ensures even colours and long-lasting inks to make sure your print stays beautiful for years to come.


Sizes: 20x25cm or A3


Free Shipping within New Zealand and standard worldwide shipping 


Also available in the Native New Zealand Bird series - Fantail + Waxeye or as a group

    Tomtit/miromiro - New Zealand Native

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