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radio parts

Design 2016 - 2018

car wrap design

This car wrap redesign was for the Radio Parts sales rep vehicles. Radio Parts is an electronics company that deals with both the commercial and retail market. It was important for this design that it was easily readable and made their cars stand out while remaining professional.

The previous design was overcomplicated and didn’t make the car stand out. I made a simple and bold design with the company colours with striking contrasts. I used the graduated lines to point to the areas of importance on the vehicle e.g. the logo and company description.

monthly newsletter


Monthly 12-page Newsletter showcasing new products and specials with a mixture of advertisements and editorial. Available in print and digital copies for customers throughout Australia. This required image editing, copyrighting, editorial design and more. 

pro2 catalogue

Yearly Catalogue for the in house brand Pro2. This publication was for trades customers and required more technical information than a standard catalogue. This volume was redesigned using the brand colours I separated the sections of products. This publication required photo editing, copyrighting, editorial design and more.

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