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trapped print series

Illustraiton - 2018
Trapped - bird 20x25_final_cmyk_a4_web.j
Sqaure clip board_snake_intsa.jpg
trapped_ dog house_social media 1.jpg
framed dog house print 2.jpg

This print is about getting stuck in your life because you’re comfortable and you tell yourself that everything is ok, but it isn’t really what you wanted. So you outgrow your surroundings but end up stuck. This one of my biggest fears. You only get one life so live it!

There are 3 different designs:


The original illustrations were painted using ink and watercolour. The songbird pictured in the art print is a Chaffinch and the style of the house is gothic revival. There is also sun detailing throughout the illustration including the starburst on the tops of the spires and the suns above the arches in the windows. Dog house print feature moon symbols in the architecture.


Printed on high-quality Archival Matt paper using giclee printing. This printing method ensures even colours and long-lasting inks to make sure your print stays beautiful for years to come. 

Sizes Available: 20 x 25cm or A3

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